Artistic Director Amdy Ngom

Artistic Director // Choreographer // Percussionist // Dancer // Singer

Sabar dancer from Senegal
Sabar dancer from Senegal

Amdy is a master Sabar dancer and drummer from Guédiawaye, a suburb to Dakar. As a Sabar dancer, Amdy is renowned for his particular style and his impressive choreographic creativity, which connects perfectly with the Sabar rhythms.

Amdy initially came to Europe with the grand circus production Afrika! Afrika!, with which he toured all over Europe from 2005 – 2010. Since then, Amdy has taught and performed at major festivals in the UK, such as WOMAD, African Beats Camp, Drum Camp, African Drum Village, Tribe of Doris and more. He was also one of the principal dancers of UK-based performance group “Ballet Nimba” led by Idrissa Camara and funded by the Arts Council of England, as well as the principal drummer for UK-based African dance company, Yaye Dib Sabar.

Since moving to Denmark, Amdy founded his own company, Ngatch Fall Family, which performs at various events in Denmark, such as Copenhagen World Music Festival, Couleur Café, & Utamaduni.

Amdy also teaches regular dance and drumming classes and workshops in Denmark and abroad.

In Senegal, Amdy originally trained under Pape Mbaye Kara, a master dancer of Sabar, touring with that group across Senegal and the Gambia from the age of 10. He later went on to train at the prominent Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor, and also trained Sabar drumming as a student of Mbar Ndiaye (now in Italy). As a professional dancer since childhood, Amdy has been privileged to work with practically all the major Sabar drummers and dancers of Dakar, and he is thus an important character in a fast developing elaborate network of artists.

Amdy is a much-loved character in the African Sabar scene in Europe, not only for his warm-hearted nature, charisma, patience and care in his teaching, but also for his attention to detail and his ability to show the dance clearly through his own movements.

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