Ngatch Fall Guédiawaye

In 2016 we have been working hard to establish a solid group in Guédiawaye. Our blood, sweat, tears (and not least money) has given return and in late 2016, Ngatch Fall Guédiawaye saw the light of day.

Groupe Ngatch Fall de Guédiawaye, 2017

Ngatch Fall Guédiawaye is an African arts association in Guédiawaye, Dakar, specialising in Sabar. Several generations of professional Sabar artists work together to safeguard the traditions of Sabar music and dance.

The group consists of both dancers and drummers, who practice every day (Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1 pm) in the Filaos of Hamo 6 in Guédiawaye.

Lead drummer Mod’Thiam Mbaye, 2017

Besides the daily practices, the drumming group led by Mod’Thiam Mbaye, play for various local events such as Ngente (naming ceremony), Mariage (wedding ceremony), Sabarou Ngon (afternoon community street parties), Tanebeers (late night Sabar parties) and Soirée Senegalaise (late night sabar/mbalax in clubs such as the Ravin). The drummers are also engaged as musicians for wayaan (local singers) and zikr/chant (religious chanters). The dancers, are similarly engaged in various other jobs.

Watch Ngatch Fall Guédiawaye and students perform at one of the major Tanebeers in Guédiawaye in January 2018:

Sabar students from all over the world visit Ngatch Fall Guédiawaye to learn Sabar dance and drumming in the best environment possible. With a full drum ensemble and several different artistic styles and generations represented within the group, any student will find what they are looking for here!

International Sabar student, Eliza Boye, learning from Ngatch Fall (Amdy Ngom), 2016

Call us to book your event or, if you are a foreign student in Senegal, to organise drum and dance classes with the group!


Mod’Thiam Mbaye (Wolof) +221 70 481 02 51
Director of Music

Ahmet Ndiaye (French/Wolof/English) +221 78 400 30 68

Amadou Kossé Gueye (French/Wolof) +221 78 209 17 65
Administrative Director / Guédiawaye


Amdy Ngom (English/Wolof/French) +45 31 66 71 57
Artistic Director

Ida Hanni Brandt (English/Danish/Wolof/French) +45 60 67 17 37
Project Manager

Please stay updated on the work of the group by visiting the facebook page: Ngatch Fall Guédiawaye

An African Arts Association

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